Core Values


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without jesus there is nothing

We believe that Jesus lived, died and rose from the dead. It is only through this admission and belief that we may come to the Father in heaven and live eternally. Our mission is to exalt His name and spread the good news of His love for you and me.

Small parts make up the whole

Maintaining a family environment through the intimacy of small groups allows for a close-knit feeling no matter how large the church. Small groups are where we experience incredible personal growth, develop lifelong relationships, perform impactful outreach and see the word of God come alive in our own lives.

Giving is the greatest gift

Generosity is a main component of God's plan for our lives. In a world defined by consumption, we choose to stand out by contributing. Whether it's your tithe, time or talent; God has a plan to use you to reach the lost and broken. Nothing pleases God more than a cheerful, giving heart.

It all start and ends with love

Everything that God has done for us originates from His immeasurable love. Our biggest commandment is to live our lives as a reflection of that love for the world to see. We want to reach people where they are, and love them for who they are, just like God does.

Operation: Evangelize

We are called to be light to a dark world. We believe that God's word is meant for everyone and it is our job to spread His good news to the unreached, unsaved and unconvinced. We believe in perpetual growth as a community of believers.

An attitude of gratitude

We thank and Praise God daily for His many blessings. We believe that being grateful for God's gifts keeps us closer to Him and cultivates a healthy perspective on life.

Look with spiritual eyes

We believe faith is the catalyst for God's power to move. Belief in His promise and His word requires looking and acting based on supernatural possibilities, and not natural circumstances.